Want to tell your story?

Want to tell your story?

Writing and Blogging Course| A Game Changer

Want a Writing Coach to help solve your writing and blogging problems?

James Chartrand is an A-List Blogger and experienced Writing Coach and Instructor. You have heard me talk about her many times (yes, James is her pen name).

I have learned so much from her in her award winning blog, Men with Pens, (and yes, my friends who are romance writers the word is “pens”).

The reason I like her is because she cares. She has values we can relate to like wanting to help writers of all ability levels, wanting the next generation of writers to write well (and that means story structure, character development, point of view, sales and business writing, and writing for change).

Plus, James is successful: Writer’s Digest named Men with Pens one of the best blogs for writers; it has over 40,000 subscribers; and she knows how to run a successful online business (and actually make money).

Do you feel like there is so much to learn and wish it was all in one place?

Do you wish you had the confidence to tell your own story?

Does it take you hours to write a blog post?

Do you feel like you’re not good enough?

Do you have a book shelf full of books on writing and blogging?

Do you attend workshops and conferences on How to Write?

Do you want to write guest posts that actually get accepted?

Do you feel like you are wasting your time and getting no comments?

Come and Join Me as we both Up our Writing Game and tell the story only we can tell.

So, instead of precious time driving to expensive conferences this 10 week course allows you:

Learn on your own schedule–new lessons are available each Monday and Thursday.

Each lesson has an assignment which gets individual attention.

The Community Forum allows you to ask questions, meet with other students, interact with James, and submit your writing for critique.

Damn Fine Words“>Damn Fine Words

Damn Fine Words is a Bargain

Damn Fine Words (Click Here For Course Information) affiliate link

Damn Fine Words starts May 17th

I invite you to join me in the Damn Fine Words writing course with the amazing James Chartrand as we learn how to become better writers and bloggers.

So many people want to give up on telling their stories. Don’t do it. Take this step with me and we’ll figure it out together.

Plus, we get to say “Damn”. Like in “Give a Damn”, “Dare to give a damn”…

Keep Climbing: Onward and Upward