Playing in the leaves for the first time

Last year on 09-09-09 it was my 60th birthday.

In the picture above, you see Baby Isabella playing in the leaves for the first time–another miracle from last year. There is nothing more magical than watching her learn and explore new things. She swings and colors and plays on the piano…and, drops to the floor when she doesn’t want to do something (hey, that’s part of growing up too). Today I saw her knock on the door and I swear I heard her say, “Who’s There?”

But my absolute favorite moment with Isabella is when I walk into the room and she squeals and runs into my arms. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

Today on 10-10-10 I’m wishing you all a year filled with blessings.

I am so thankful to each of you for helping me launch this blog–It is now three months old and at this time last year was just a dream.

For this coming year, I wish each of you a loved one who squeals and runs into your arms.

Let’s see what wonders there will be by 11-11-11 next year?

Comments: Time to Brag, Dream and Put it in writing:

What are your dreams and goals to be completed by 11-11-11? What have you completed since 09-09-09?
Share a little about yourself and maybe we can help each other reach those dreams.

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