Aaron on Exercise Bike

Aaron on exercise bike


Aaron with Smoky the Bear

"Who are you?"

Roommate Needed in Mason, Ohio

Aaron is a great guy who likes other people. He is looking for a roommate.

Aaron is 38 years old. He attended Lakota Schools and is currently in the Goodwill/Easter Seals Day Program in Lebanon.

Aaron likes to go for walks, ride the exercise bike, swim at the community center, go out to eat, listen to music, look at books, baseball cards and get involved in other inclusive activities in the community. He likes to be around other people.

He loves to go on vacations with his family and ride the trolley bus in Gatlinburg. He likes his Sunday visits with his family and playing with his niece. His family only lives a couple miles away.

Aaron doesn’t talk with many words, but he finds ways of telling everyone what he wants. He repeats phrases and is noisy which could bother some people.

The ranch house is in Mason, near a local park. It is wheelchair accessible. The home is owned and maintained by the Housing Resource Group of Resident Home, so this will be a permanent residence. Aaron has lived in a house managed by this non-profit for over 11 years and we feel they do a great job. We hope he can live here for the rest of his life.

Aaron has a level 5 Medicaid Waiver which will help pay for the 24/7 staff. He needs a roommate who is also on a waiver or private pay. We are working with our Warren County Board of Developmental Disabilities.

Anyone who has lived with other people knows the importance of finding a good roommate match. Aaron would like a new friend as well as someone who could be part of his extended family.

We would love for Aaron’s new roommate to be from the Mason community. We would love if another family would want to share all of our lives, so we could be a support to each other.

Aaron currently has staff who are loving and have known him for many years. They are part of our extended family and have hearts big enough to include another person.

If you know of someone who might be interested, please call me at 513-336-8271.


It is difficult to describe Aaron. He is loving and wonderful, but a prospective roommate also needs to know Aaron is noisy and that might be an issue for some people with sensitivity to sounds. So, how can I give Aaron respect and dignity and yet be honest.

Aaron had the same roommate for 13 years. He and Jack are good friends and care about each other. Leaving Jack was one of the hardest parts about moving to a new county. Jack was a gentle man who was older than Aaron. They had their own hobbies and interests, but would go into the community together for shopping, large and small group activities and taking walks with their caregivers. Jack and Aaron had their own way of communicating and respected each other. We can only hope we will find someone like Jack, and as you know, everyone is unique. We ask your prayers.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

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