Day 4 of the 30-Day-Every-Day Blogging Challenge has been a challenge indeed.

It could be worse

Sorry to everyone who got bombarded by 17 posts about “Memory Rocks”. I wasn’t really throwing rocks and boulders at you:)

Becke wondered if there was an avalanche; Ana thought the computer just got too excited about the new tech stuff and was throwing-up (can you tell she’s around babies); Sue suggested it was the hic-cups; Joe, Char, Mar, Kathy and Daphne… also sent kind messages and pep talks. Thanks dear friends for your overwhelming support. It helps to laugh and know things could be worse.

The funny part is my email service Microsoft Office Outlook is also down today. So, the technology gods must be mad at me, or something. Guess this is one of those–pay your dues–kind of days.

Whew! Turns out I’ve spent most of the day talking with the experts to try and figure out how to send ONE notice to my blog subscribers. Just one–not 17.

Isn’t it ironic the system fell apart on the day I blogged about “Leaving it to the professionals”? Bet a comedian would have a field day with this one.

So, tomorrow, I hope to get everything together. Right now, I’m going to go take a walk…or maybe a nap…or maybe… just climb some damn mountain and throw some rocks. Right?

One story: Ten years ago on the day we moved into this condo, we brought all Aaron’s stuff from his old room. He was about 25 years old at the time and had spent the previous 18 years in the same bedroom. We transitioned his stuff and played in his room before he went to bed. He was tired and went right to sleep. Things were looking pretty good.

Tom and I were exhausted and were sleeping soundly until about 3 AM. At that time, I looked up and found Aaron standing over me at the side of the bed. When I sat up, he handed me his shoes.

Now remember, this is a kid who hardly uses any words. But this night, he looks me right in the eye and says, “Go Home.”

Got to say, he communicated his message right into my heart. He did know more about the move than we gave him credit for. He knew this wasn’t home and in the middle of the night you are supposed to be “home”!

Aaron adjusted and now he loves to sit outside on our patio and watch the golfers go by in their funny white carts. We have a big umbrella to keep him from being sunburned. He looks at his books and drinks an ice tea and, when he is really relaxed–he will cross his legs. His sure tell sign of contentment.

Our system in this house is set. I don’t know where we will be moving. I don’t know what Aaron will think of our next house.

We will do the ecological inventory, the advanced planning, the teaching of new skills and transition as necessary. And somehow Aaron will adapt. And we will adapt too.

Aaron hasn’t said the phrase, “Go Home” since that first night ten years ago. I wonder what he will do this time?

Enjoy your day everyone.

Keep Climbing: Onward and Upward

All the best. Mary

Today was so bad, I’m not sure you’ll want to comment. But, if you do, let the rocks roll…

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