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 The Climb: New Theme Song for our blog

Attention all music lovers:  Pastor Snoopi Botten and Blake Roberts have added their magic digitalized effects to The Climb, (click on link).

Blake suggested this song become the Theme Song for the Climbing Every Mountain blog.

It’s PERFECT and their effects are pure magic.

You might remember both Snoopi and Blake shared their version of the  classic  Do You Hear What I Hear (click on the link) on Christmas Day. 

Check out their earlier post for their amazing personal stories and the details of their method for helping us all hear and see things in different ways.

Thanks to both Snoopi and Blake for being part of this community.


Pete Wright, Esq. of

Two Workshops in Cincinnati, OH to discuss the educational implications of chronic illnesses/disabilities. These workshops should be great for anyone interested in recent changes in IDEA, 504 et al… and children with chronic health needs.

 APHOES National Conference:  May 5-6 

Special Education Law and Advocacy Program:  May 7

For conference agenda and registration click on links.

If you have any questions, please contact the School Intervention Program at 513-803-0513 or by email ([email protected]).