Hi Everyone,

ClimbingEveryMountain.com is celebrating its first month.

Thank you for being a part of our growth. Our Basecamp is developing and some great people are starting to gather for our climb. So, it has been a great start.

There is a lot to learn, and our site is still pretty primitive according to other websites, but we’ve added Google Analytics (Aug. 16), Akismet to help filter spam and there is now a way to sign up for subscriptions.

The Google Analytics report is only from Aug. 16th, but it says 91 people have visited the site from over 10 countries. There have been 130 visits which averaged 2.15 page views a visit, 3.44 minutes each time. There were 279 page views all together.

I’m glad I took statistics in college (God, quit laughing) but I’m still trying to decipher all the information.

This is the beginning of an amazing journey. I’m starting to connect with many of my earlier friends from TASH and other organizations. Ann Turnbull has generously given of her time, expertise and encouragement. Anne Bauer, Becke Martin and Kathy Hulgin have been most encouraging. We’re starting to see some parents. Thanks for the referrals from Patty McMahon at the Hamilton County Arc.

So, we’re off. Maybe we’re just strapping on our boots at the beginning of this journey, but at least we have begun.

Thank you for being part of our community. I’m hoping next month we’ll see more visitors, more parents willing to engage in conversation and comments. I know most of you are not shy, so speak up in the comments and tell me your thoughts.

Keep Climbing–onward and upward.

All the best,