My blog is now three weeks old. I’m still trying to maneuver through the learning curves, but I’ve been so pleased to meet some new friends.

Joe Trey just sent me this video. Joshua Littman, who has the label of Asperger’s syndrome, interviews his mom, Sarah. It has a terrific message and graphics and is part of Story Corps. I’ve never met Sarah but I love her when she says, “I’m so lucky to have you for my son.” Check it out and let me know what you think. (chick here)

If you like this video, I recommend “There’s a Boy in Here.” by Judy and Sean Barron, 1972. Avon Books: New York. The book goes back and forth telling Judy (the mom) and Sean (the son) stories from their point of view.

I thought Sean’s insights about his way of looking at the world were very helpful. For instance Sean loved his teacher. Then one day she made the mistake of telling him it was her birthday and she was turning 24. Well, Sean hated the number 24 because bus number 24 was always late and he hated to be late. So–according to Sean’s logic, he could no longer like his teacher because according to the rules he made to make sense of the world–she was 24. Of course, the mom and teacher went nuts trying to figure out why Sean no longer treated his teacher the same.

Plus, Judy and Sean’s story starts out in Ohio and Sean “emerges from autism” and has a girlfriend and …. read it!

How many of us have rules that make sense to us, but not to others?
Have you seen any videos or read any books about people who are different? Share them with us in the comments.