“Retarded” Keywords

Google Keywords show us what people are searching for. Not some academic research, just the terms real people actually type into the search box to find what they are looking for.

I wish I knew how to make screen shots. The visual display makes your head ache. If you are interested, go to Google and search yourself. Type in “retard” or “retarded”

Here is the information from the Google search box Oct. 3, 2010. It would be interesting to return to this box from time to time to see if anything in the online culture changes.


retarded policemen (341,000 results)
retarded animal babies (56,000 results)
retarded cats (702,000 results)
retarded quotes (725,000 results)
retarded jokes (663,000 results)

The results made me speechless–and you know that takes quite a lot. Thousands of people looking to make fun of other people.

They wonder why we want a different label for our children?

Hopefully Rosa’s Law (click here for related post) is a beginning baby step in the right direction.

Tomorrow I am going to show some of the definitions of “retarded” given on Google from the first category which had 22,700,000 results.

All I can say is, get some TUMS. Though there are parts that are just wild and crazy.

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