Chris Brogan at #MegaTweetup
Creative Commons License photo credit: Adam Weiss

Chris Brogan is one of my social media heroes. He says you should blog everyday. (click here)

I’m new to blogging. He’s a social media guru. So, there should be no question but to do what Chris says. Right?

I certainly have enough ideas and motivation. It took an act of God to finally get the resources and tech help, but our little basecamp is evolving. So what’s my problem? Why does every post I write take hours or days? Why am I only writing two/three blog posts a week–at the max?

Chris is BUSY, BUSY

Chris Brogan runs several major companies. He’s an international speaker and consultant to major firms. He’s a thought leader in the field. He writes books, and did I mention he writes a blog post every day…

He conducts video/audio interviews. He posts from his car, kitchen table or hotel rooms. (Yea, he makes video blogs in his car.) He actually understands code and develops software programs. Geez, and he blogs every day…

Did I mention he has a family with young kids? And he blogs every day…

Important Stuff vs. Everyday Stuff

Every thing Chris does is important because it is Chris. He is his brand. Even when Chris talks about ordinary stuff it influences the field. If he mentions the name of a camera or eats at a certain restaurant it is news. He handles this responsibility with grace and proves he is a Trust Agent.

Hopefully I also handle my responsibilities and have proved I can be trusted, but my stuff is just everyday survival stuff parents of kids with disabilities have to do. No glamor, no big crowds. No paycheck. Just everyday living. But important in its own boring way.

Aaron is worth it.

The goal of creating a decent quality of life for a person with autism in his own community is bigger than me, or Aaron, or any one of us. We are trying to do something that has never been done in the history of the world.

But inclusion is about blending in. It is about changing the world one person, one parent, one family, one community at a time. (click here)

So, our everyday drama continues. (click here) As my husband and I are aging and can’t do steps, we need to find a ranch house. We signed our house with a Realtor yesterday. The first open house is Sunday. We filled up our first storage bin and the house-stagers took 4 hours to rearrange our living room. The house is looking so good we’re wondering if we could stay if we just put in an elevator or one of those climbing-stair lifts. But, that doesn’t solve the long term solution of our mobility and aging issues. If we move back to Butler County we could again vote for the levies and give our one voice to continue the funding of the Board of Developmental Disabilities (they removed “mental retardation” from the name, yea!)

I will pick-up Aaron from his home Sunday noon to 8 PM. He hasn’t stayed overnight with us for the last three Saturday nights–and I’m feeling guilty as hell. We’ll try and do something special for him.

All the changes in our ready-for-open-house will upset Aaron. And I hate to think of the havoc he would wreck if we were in the house for a long period of time. So, we’ll try and find ways to entertain him outside the house. We’re even storing all Aaron’s personal things from his room in the garage at his residence. The caregivers aren’t thrilled, but it is Aaron’s house. Guess Aaron is like the rich folks with more than one bedroom:)

So, should I blog everyday?

Climbing Every Mountain is now in its second month. My vision for each blog post was to create original self-contained articles. I was trying to take a personal story and teach one concept. Most of the posts are over 1000 words which is long for blog posts. I’ve read the average is between 300-500 words.

Though I welcome everyone, I’m talking about long-term care and parents of adults with severe disabilities. Since we don’t really belong to an established “niche” with “keywords” this is like creating a new world. So what would you like?

Comments Please

Do you want a weekly longer article-type post where we cover a specific topic? Or do you want more newsy shorter posts? Do you want a mix?

This week I hired someone to add a security system to the blog. My goal next week is to figure out the AWeber subscribe thingy (you get notices of new posts in your email). I’ve also installed Akismet to try and sort out spam. (If your comment hasn’t shown up, please let me know.) Like most things, there are always surprises in blogging.

Bottom line: Should I follow Chris Brogan’s advice to blog every day?

Keep climbing–onward and upward.

Wishing you all the best,