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Jolly ole St. Nick| Disability Parody

St. Nick in the Morning

St. Nicholas treats

Jolly Ole St. Nicholas| Christmas List Disability Style

(Parody on popular Christmas carol)

In our family, December 6 is the night you leave your Christmas wish list in your shoes or stockings. The German tradition says St. Nicholas comes when you are asleep, exchanges your list for a small bag of goodies and then delivers your list to Santa.

I’ve shared some of our great family stories from when my sons were younger in St. Nick and the Batman socksand St. Nick| Two Special Sons.

Aaron turns 38 years old next week. So what would a Christmas wish list look like for a parent of an adult with autism and developmental disabilities?

The old kindergarten teacher in me thought you might want to sing along as I make a parody of the popular Christmas song, Jolly Ole St. Nicholas, and send my Christmas list out to virtual Santa Land.

Jolly Ole St. Nicholas, lean your ear this way.
Don’t you tell a single soul what I’m goin’ to say?
Christmas Eve is coming soon, now you dear ole man.
Whisper words of hope for us, reassure us if you can.

Aaron’s survived the ups and downs of another shaky year,
Thank you for our family and friends who are so very dear.
We did our best to make things work, but the path’s not clear.
Please St. Nick, we beg of you, hear our fervent prayer:

Aaron needs a roommate quick, one with family ties.
Someone who will be his friend, could be girl or guy.
An IO waiver would do the trick, at least a level 5.
Someone who‘s a gentle soul who wouldn’t harm a fly.

Aaron voted for our President he knows his fate depends
On Medicare and Medicaid and the generosity of friends.
He wants to know HUD will exist for the house he now calls home.
He wants to meet his neighbors not spend his time alone.

Keep him safe and free from harm, find us staff who care.
No more elves with phony smiles, who do whatever they dare.
They’re now suspended by the state and deserve lumps of coal.
Assure us our government has the resolve to fill their role.

Aaron wants a healthy life, join groups and have some fun.
He wants to swim and ride a horse before next year is done.
Aaron’s mom and dad love him so, but worry night ‘n day.
Dear St. Nick we count on you–Aaron’s in your hands today.


What other things would you ask St. Nick for? Any stories to share?
Did you check out the Batman socks story link, it’s a good one. 🙂

Keep Climbing: Onward and upward.
All my best,

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9 Responses to “Jolly ole St. Nick| Disability Parody”

  • dancrofts says:

    Well St. Nick is very good at Clandestine gift-giving, so be attentive to the subtle ways in which he might answer your worthy prayers. Also, he is reputed to have punched a heretic in the face at the Council of Nicaea, so maybe he’ll come around and give it to those “elves with phony smiles” you mentioned 🙂
    dancrofts recently posted..A *Possible* I-Told-You-So…

  • Cecilia Slonkosky says:

    I love your how you are able to translate the needs you desire for your son into a sweet poem. I hear hope and cheerfulness in these words. You say it with a smile and with a positive outlook that everything will be fine and God will answer your prayers somehow in some way. Its great that you can create a unique way of expressing your wishes for Aaron. Instead of complaining, like some people might do, you simply remain positive and hopeful.

  • Miranda Ranieri says:

    No matter what age it is still awesome to stay family oriented. I’m very blessed that my family stays involved with each other, especially since my older brother has moved out. I find it loving that you continue to do this for Aaron.

  • I believe Aaron will get all of his wishes, amen. This year is a very good year to me, as I already get my wish, I got a beautiful wife last month.

  • That’s very cute, Mary. I hope one day he gets all those things. I guess that would make your Christmas too, huh? Happy Holiday Hugs, Alison
    Alison Golden recently posted..12 Sneaky, Selfish Ways I Converted my Husband to Paleo

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